The purpose of this article isn’t to make a sales pitch! Not at all! In fact, it’s the contrary. I am here to help you. I can only imagine how many articles there are on how to make money online. Which one should you believe? I would love to say mine, but that will be totally up to you, right?

I have been scammed many times myself and have had to learn the hard way! Actually, the very hard way! I have tried many different things from online surveys, product testing, binary options, all the way to purchasing software that promises to bring you traffic to your websites! I can go on and on with a bunch of stuff that I have tried but I won’t. I will spare you the boring story.So, I am going to get right into the primary subject and give you the top 4 ways to make money online.

How do I know that they are the top 4? Well, I tried them all. I really have and yes, I am making money?

However, please don’t think that it’s easy because it’s not. All of this takes a lot of time, work, energy, devotion, and discipline. That’s what it takes to build a successful online business! Nothing less! So, with that being said, nothing on this list is a “get rich quick” scheme. Nope. It’s everything but that!

You see, people like you and I who really want to succeed online are willing to try anything once. They are willing to do what it takes to succeed. That is why so many people get caught up in scams. Scammers are good! They are really good! They know exactly what to say in order for you to click that “buy now” button.

Earn Top Pay for Result Commissions

1-In order for you to start making money online, you are going to need a website. It’s very difficult to make “good money” if you don’t have a website. This gives you credibility and also, makes you look like a specialist in your field/niche. This may all sound like jargon to you right now, but believe me, if you build a website, you will quickly learn that this is the only “great” way to earn money online.

Top Paying Affiliate Program

I invite you to take a look at this company here, Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to build a website on WordPress for FREE! No strings attached. They will teach you everything that you need to know. I also invite you to take a look at tnis amazing internet marketing training facility; Wealthy Affiliate 

2-Build Your Website. Once you have built your website, you are going to want to become an affiliate to major brands in your niche. This means that you are most likely going to want to sell products. Affiliate marketing networks will pay you every time someone visits your website and clicks on their banner to purchase something. There are some affiliate marketing networks that pay more than others. Please feel free to check out my article on the  10 top paying affiliate marketing companies  

Offer your Services to make Money

3-Now, if you have any talent whatsoever such as writing, web design, computer programming, video making, SEO, animation, advertising, you name it, is where you need to go to offer these services. Many people have become very comfortable financially by offering their services on this website. At first, you may need to work for fewer dollars, but the more orders you get, the more you can increase your prices. Many online businesses started here.

4-Earn money With Content Writing

If your passion is writing, you can make money online, no doubt. There are many websites that offer this opportunity. The one that, in my opinion, pays more than any other, is It’s totally free to sign up. All that you need to do is create a profile that will attract clients and bingo! You can start looking for writing jobs. They give you a certain amount of jobs that you can apply to for free, then, if you surpass that, you simply need purchase extra credits, which are not expensive. The beautiful thing here is that you bid on jobs and it’s up to the buyer to accept or to refuse your offer.

I can go on and on with so many other ways to earn money online, but guess what, in my opinion, these are really the top 4; that starts with you building your website and turning your passion into a thriving business! Well, they worked for me! It is possible to make “real” money online,

But Remember, building any online business takes time, consistency and hard work – Success is not an acciden!

Learn the Skills to Growi,a Successful IM Business Online
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