My Experience  of The Affiliate Marketing Fake Gurus and How  I Survive

Are You Seriously Aspiring to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer? If you are like me at the beginning of my Affiliate Marketing career, finding high paying affiliate programs was the hardest thing. It was like a mine fields. There were so many Internet Marketing gurus that one tended to join and after a short stay one one got disillusioned and quit.One would hope from one shiny object (promising program) to another and in each case losing one’s hard earned monies while the gurus never stopped hyping about the huge amounts you could earn if you followed whatever schemes they were promoting. But I hardly earned any money.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Wealth Affiliate, (heard of it at a content Marketing Webinar), that I later discovered that one could actually, with the right training tools and guidance, create and start one’s own successful Internet Marketing Business, even become a super affiliate.

 My name is Rean, I am an affiliate Marketer and am happy to say I am a successful affiliate but as noted above the beginning of my IM career, it was rocky and for that reason, I believe, like most of my network in the wealthy affiliate community, that helping aspiring affiliate marketers is an honor and a worthy cause, for it helps them not only to succeed but to avoid being scammed by the fake internet marketing gurus out there.

How I Started My Affiliate Marketing Business as a Free Starter Member

Initially it was for free, I had registered as a Starter Member. Incredibly numerous training lessons, tools and community support. As a Starter Member, could build two free website on the free starter program and start my affiliate journey. but it wasn’t long before I decided to upgrade to a premium member as the services I get as a premium member are unequaled. One gets to make and host, for free, up to 25 websites. access hundreds of video tutorials, attend the almost weekly videos training and one can get the most amazing support from a community of thousands,

As you can see from my experience, It’s easy to begin your way in the affiliate marketing world maybe taking baby steps, my fingers had been burnt so many times by scammers I thought Wealthy Affiliate seemed too good to be true, so I tasted the waters with my toes by subscribing to The Starter Program which was free, I worked very hard and began to enjoy the program so much that I became convinced that being a Premium Member was the best option. I continued to work hard at my Learning the skills through training, developing my IM business through promoting my chosen high paying affiliate programs and I and that enabled me to succeed  in my affiliate marketing campiagns. campaigns.

I promised I would do my best to help those who, like me, have a passion internet marketing and  making money online, avoid being scammed and be guided in finding high paying affiliate programs.

Again I am Rean. Wonderful to meet you.And if you need anything, Drop me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or login to, ( Here is a link to my profile).

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