Not less than 35% of people today desire to own their own personal business. Those are millions of people who are interested in becoming their own boss. However, only a small percentage of


these people are actually getting into an online business, and even very few succeed. Achieving success in the diverse varieties of online business usually requires three qualities. The qualities are being focused, getting ready to make sacrifices, and being consistent.
In order to make money from home, either as a full-time job or simply to generate a little extra income, the alternatives are apparently limitless these days. With the help of the Internet, working

at home is a realistic goal for just everybody. The following are 7 ways by which many people are already making money without leaving their house.

  1. Call Center Agent: When searching for a reputable home-based work, this is actually one of the best and most reliable work at home job opportunity. Armed with the modern technology of high-speed internet connectivity and call routing software solutions, call center merely route their incoming customer support calls to your personal computer. No selling or telemarketing is required. Regular call center agents perform duties, such as, providing customer assistance, processing transactions, taking and logging orders, appointment setting, and making various types of reservations.
    Operating a home-based call center provides a legitimate opportunity for stay-at-home moms, retirees, people with disabilities, college students and so on. It is certainly a superb opportunity for individuals who are aiming for supplemental income.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Online affiliate marketing is a notable form of Internet marketing to generate fast money online. It has become well-known for individuals hoping to make money online or start up their own work at home business with a little or no start-up cost. One of the benefits is that you usually do not need any exceptional technical skills to be an affiliate marketer. Whenever you plan to make money from home, it is possible to feel overwhelmed with the stress of getting a product to sell! The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is possible to skip this step, and actually assists someone else market a ready-made product and share the returns. There are several affiliate programs which range from to information and training products to tangible goods. You can create a blog for reviewing products with affiliate links that pay you when individuals purchase goods and services through your site.
    Join the Amazon Associates Program & Earn Up to 10% Commission..

    Niche Products: A niche is a strong, targetable aspect of the market. You can be an expert providing a product or service that focuses primarily on certain client group’s needs, which may not or are not handled in such depth by mainstream providers. With your personal website or eBay auction site, you can easily resell products purchased at wholesale prices. The manufacturing company can drop ship straight to customers, saving you the handling costs and warehousing inconveniences. Children’s items, sporting accessories and collectible gifts are common ideas  in niche products.

  4. Blogging: Blogging has grown very popular lately that many individuals have succeeded in turning it into a full time job. Making money from blogging is so popular nowadays that nearly all internet marketers are doing it. Making money from blogging is more than just a trend, it is a home-made business opportunity that has come to stay for a long period of time and it appears like “how to earn money from blogging” is the first question people inquires once they discover the possibility of making money with a blog. The simplest and most successful tip to build a blogging career is to approach it as a real business rather than a hobby. Writing regularly to make search engines appreciate the new content have to become a daily routine just like the daily regular work in order to generate more income from blogging.
  5. Information Marketing: Selling information products online has lots of advantages over selling physical products. One great benefit of information marketing is usually that the product can be delivered digitally and as a result, there will be no storage costs, shipping costs, inventory costs etc. that are connected to a traditional physical product. Another major benefit of selling digital products, is the fact that everything can be automated, from the sales to delivery, and cash can be automatically transferred into your bank account without you actually being aware of making the sales. With an absolutely automatic business system as this, you have no limit to how large you can expand your business. It is easy to set up a business marketing an information product within weeks or even faster when you have done it a few times, Ensure the business is making a profit, automate it, then proceed to setting up the next one.
  6. Online Coaching: Marketing ones knowledge and skills using coaching programs can be quite simple. In fact, you will not have to spend your hard earned money for advertisement just to win clients. All you need is to learn the techniques of internet marketing and figure out your target market, and your income will definitely soar up in no time. Coaching is now a pleasurable choice to make with a lot of profits coming your way. Besides earning money, you will experience the satisfaction that you have been able to assist someone materialize their dreams. It is indeed a noble profession!
  7. Network Marketing: If there ever exists a business model that completely capitalized on the influence of word of mouth, it would definitely be Network marketing. Sometimes referred to as “multi-level marketing” or MLM, it is a kind of direct selling, in which recruits are made to market the company’s products directly to their relatives, friends, and colleagues. Network marketing equally involves persuading one’s peers and customers to be part of the company as a sales agent aside from being an active buyer. Network marketing depends heavily on the cultivation of relationships and also on personal referrals. The major difference between network marketing and direct selling is that members also have the opportunity to earn residual income from their downlines. The downlines can potentially achieve high volumes of sales, and as a result generate more income for their sponsors or uplines.Machine-generated alternative text: Machine-generated alternative text: Machine-generated alternative text:



26 thoughts on “7 Best Home Business Ideas and Oppotunities – Make Money Online Working From Home

  1. Thanks for all these great tips! I see you list network marketing as one of the best ways to make money online. Have you actually made money with network marketing?

    I’ve been involved with Amway once many years ago and mlm is not for me but I find so many people saying mlm works for them.

    I really think affiliate marketing is a much better way to go!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to make a comment. On the idea of using Networks, I have been an Amazon Associate for a few years now but back then they were paying peanuts but of late, with the recent development, with their Affiliates Network Program, one can earn good commissions. I would be interested to check Mim just to find out if it might be of interest.

      I agree with you affiliate Marketing is indeed the way to go if one is wiling to work hard at it.
      Wish you every success in your IM work.

  2. You have provided some excellent guidance on home business ideas, I wish that many people would take heed, because there’s definitely some great opportunities out there to be taken advantage of. My favorite is blogging about niche products, I tend to do quite well and anyone can do the same.

    • Hi Christian,
      Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to make a comment. I am a retiree too so i have a great interest in helping others to try find something they can take up, not only as a means to earn money but to give themselves an active life as well as enriching society with their imparting of mentoring skills, knowledge, experience, work ethics and wisdom to the young.

      I had not looked into the job opportunities relating to content writing or/and blogging on something one is passionate about;including niche products.And as you rightly pointed out,anyone can do it. I am definitely going to expand on the article.
      Thanks again for the helpful comments,

  3. Thank you for sharing this post.

    I have previously tried various ways to earn a little extra cash, I fell upon a MLM company when I was pregnant with my son but quickly realised I was not cut out for that!

    I think that a call centre agent will appeal to many people as this is someone providing them with a job and actually is a really good easy way to top up the income.

    I myself have now found affiliate marketing and although this was a whole new concept to me, I think that finally this could be the one.

    • Hi Dawn

      Thank you for visiting my site and for reading my article on job opportunities for retirees. Thank you too for your constructive comments..I am glad you found some of the concepts interesting. I think Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular work from home jobs that can enable one to earn good residual income. I am an affiliate marketer too. I am registered with an online university called Wealthy Affiliate.. where they train you how to build a successful intermarketing business. If one is willing to follow their training and it’s processes.. then one can earn a good income..

      I agree with you about the Call Centre Agent job.. It is one of my fabourite jobs too..which could appeal to those retirees, who are people persons with good communication and organizational skills. However depends on one’s passion most of the jobs listed could be worthy taking up.

      Hope you come by again



  4. Hi Rean, very good info on this site. I hadn’t heard of the ‘Call Center Agent’ and it was extremely useful to read about it and I wish I had heard about it sooner!

    I had to give up my job in I.T. due to various chronic illnesses including Crohn’s disease and being a call center agent would have been a very good way of earning extra money but I am now doing the WA training and hoping to be an affiliate marketer!

    Another thing I didn’t know is that you can make money from blogging so, that was also very useful info.

    Network marketing is one thing I did try but unfortunately I found it wasn’t for me, I am no salesman and wasn’t so keen on trying to recruit people simply because I am no good at it. Having said that, I like how affiliate marketing works even though it involves a kind of selling but not ‘face to face’ selling and, that is a lot easier for me.

    Online coaching looks good too and that would be something I would be happy doing (if I wasn’t doing this!). I am familiar with ‘Niche products’ and am currently working on my niche blog on the subject of ‘edible insects’, please feel free to take a look

    There is a lot of great advice here and I would advise anybody who is looking to make a living from home to have a good look at this site, they can learn a lot.

    Good luck with this it deserves to do well, best regards.

  5. Hi Renny
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your very constructive comments.I am so impressed with your positivity and determination to success. I wish you every success in your training at WA.

    I am sure you would be a success at Affiliate Marketing as it’s not just selling.. you are good at communicating and would be able to reach people guiding them on how they can benefit from the quality affiliate networks /programs you will be promoting. While being a Call Centre Agent job might also have been a good job.. your IT skills are more likely to be a great assert in affiliate marketing.. I, like probably lots of retirees, am technically challenged..

    I would love to read your blog about edible insects.. I visited South Africa a few years ago and sampled a few delicious insects.:)
    Again thanks for your comments

  6. Rean,
    You have some very different ideas on online opportunities. The MLM is very difficult to break into, you must bug people way too much. The Call center I find a little confining, you still have to work a schedule and are not very free to just walk away for a while.

    The Affiliate marketing is connected to the Blogging, Niche and Informational marketing. If you can combine all four with a steady work schedule you can make money and have your own schedule. The coaching is for the very knowledgeable.
    Just my opinion.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for stopping by and for reading my article.I am very grateful for your constructive and informative comments.. What you say about MLM is true.. not many retirees would want to go through the rigors needed to make a success of it.The call centre maybe less so but still it also could be a bit demanding and restrictive time-wise.

      I agree with you on the affiliate marketing take. You make a great connection as to the activities that can be combined and utilised to implement a successful affiliate marketing business.I hadn’t thought of it that way.You learn something everyday.:)

      Thanks for your contributions
      Hope you drop by again
      Best Regards

  7. Hi;
    Thank you for the great list of Home Business opportunities. I read the article with highest attention, because I´m looking for an alternative. Your blog is a real eye opener.
    Do you have a recommendation, which of these business models fits best or rather requires the lowest entry barriers in regard to invest money?
    Thanks a lot.

  8. Hi Bernd,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.
    I am glad you found the business opportunities for retirees worthwhile.

    It’s rather difficult to make recommendations. . But I guess one could say Content Writing and Blogging could be the easiest to get into without financial input. To effect the content writing one can register with sites like . With regards to Blogging, one could register and build one with Google blogger for free. One could join renown internet marketing sites like the Wealthy Affiliate University program at Wealthy Affiliate where one can join the starter program for free and is able to start training and building a blog as well as up to 2 websites.. Here the community interactions, support and training tools are unequalled, I know.

    Thirdly I would recommend Affiliate Marketing;. Here one would need to build a website and be able to promote affiliate programs for commission. One gets paid for results. It all sounds complicated but it isn’t. . One needs a trusted and viable site and then you find high paying affiliate programs/Networks… of late popular huge worldwide market outfits like Amazon and eBay have also created affiliate networks.. Most of us have been selling our products on both Amazon and on ebay for years now . But with affiliate marketing, one will be promoting any of the thousands of products on their websites and getting paid for the purchase results.. I am a registered Amazon Associate/affiliate as well as an eBay network affiliate. There are many other affiliate programs out there..Top of these to me is the Wealthy Affiliate program as noted above.. I am a member too. Why not visit and check it out. Starter membership is for free.

    Hope you drop by again

  9. Hello there Rean
    Some good tips for a beginner. :)
    Not sure about call center agent, no knowledge there.
    But affiliate marketing you can actually earn money, If you do it the right way! And you need a little patient! Depends on how you do it. Some actually use a lot of time to build an email list, don’t know why they do that since there are other easier ways(and you build a list at the same time) So i stick to affiliate :)

  10. Hello there Rean
    Some good tips for a beginner:)
    Not sure about call center agent, no knowledge there.
    But affiliate marketing you can actually earn money, If you do it the right way! And you need a little patient! Depends on how you do it. Some actually use a lot of time to build an email list, don’t know why they do that since there are other easier ways(and you build a list at the same time) So i stick to affiliate :)

    • Hi Jorunn,
      Thanks for reading my article on part-time job opportunities for retirees. and thanks for the constructive comments. I am glad you found the list interesting. I agree with you on affiliate marketing as an job option. I am passionate about it too. But that’s how it should be, one should take up something that they are passionate about.
      Wish you great success with your affiliate marketing endeavours.
      Best Regards,

  11. There’s some good information here. What have you had the most luck with? I have that doing an MLM can be difficult. At least I have not had much luck with it. I do hear about people who claim that they make lots of money with it. Maybe they are the sales people of the world.

  12. Hi Gloria
    Thanks for reading my article 7 Best Home Business Ideas and Opportunities – Make Money Online Working From Home.

    I am glad you found some information interesting.Actually I have had the most luck with eBay, selling collector’s books.. and signed 1st edition copies of popular publications. I love books.. I now am also into Amazon affiliates promotions.. which is good now that their rates are higher than a few years back.

    I agree with you there is a tendency to hype achievements sometimes.. but I know that promoting WA has made some members very successful.. So I believe it be done.


  13. Hello,
    These are definitely some great ideas to make money from home. Personally I like affiliate marketing. It gives you the opportunity to market someone else’s product with a very little monetary investment, as you stated. I haven’t heard of a call center agent but it sounds like another great way to bring in some extra cash. Niche marketing is also a great idea. Nice article!

  14. Hi Rean, I am trying at my side with affiliate marketing and find it very hard. It is the issue of traffic, without tons of traffic there is no way to do anything. So how t get to the point of having at least 1000 people daily at my site?

    I did not understand the item 4. How exactly blogging generates income? Many thanks.

  15. Thank you for the work from home ideas, but I thought most of what you listed were pretty much the same thing or at least went hand in hand together. Doesn’t niche marketing go with affiliate marketing? Am I wrong with this assumption? Can you do one without doing the other? The only one that seemed different was the call center agent. Maybe I am wrong. I am new to online business, so I don’t know much of what is out there.

    • Hi Kristena

      Thanks for your interest on my article on 7 Best Home Business Ideas And Opportunities. I am sorry you found most of the list to be nearly the same.. you have every right to your opinion. . Giving a review of all the ideas listed would need me to rewrite and repeat myself.. I will take just one comparison as an example.. Affiliate Marketing and Niche Marketing:

      You wondered if One can do one without the other.. As you know with Affiliate marketing one promotes someone else’s product and they get paid commission for results .. the more one is able to sell the more commissions they get. You can choose to promote a niche product too.

      On the other hand, with the selling of a Niche product.. as I explain in my article, you can sell a niche product directly to the customer and get paid by the customer.. Let’s say I sell preloved designer bags..Gucci or Coach bags for example, I would source the bags and sell them on my website..No physical walk-in store. One might not need a website.. For example, I source and sell first edition collectors books, also signed books. I list them on Amazon and eBay and they are bought worldwide..payment is to me.. And I post the sold books to buyers. Also, I might write content to promote my designer handbags or books but One could take up content writing on its own for blogs and websites and sell the service directly to customers.. maybe using outfits such as fiverr.

      So as you can see, the ideas can be implemented individually but like everything else in life, there might be some synergy.

      Again thanks for stopping by.



  16. Thanks for revealing the best home business ideas and opportunities. I blog and sell affiliate products and it’s worked out well for me. I’m not a people person and really appreciate how I can work from home and earn as much I would with a JOB.

    In the past, I’ve tried MLM, which you discuss. I did not do well in that industry. That’s an area where it’s helpful to be a high energy people person. It’s also important to get with a legitimate company that has products you use and enjoy.

  17. You have really analyzed well all the online money making opportunities. Those are really the best 7 opportunities for making money online. My favorite among them is affiliate marketing, because it’s not such a hard way and you don’t need to have your own product. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the best online communities to learn affiliate marketing. I saw the WA banner on your website, so I guess you’re a member too?

  18. Your seven best home ideas and opportunities for making money at home are ones that I have heard of the most. The thing I find is trying to know the different types of methods as you have mentioned which ones are the real opportunity and which ones are best to stay away from when getting involved.

    I hear a lot about scammers that take the opportunities you say and twist them to serve their purposes. What do you find is the best way to avoid the bad dealings to get the real opportunities you’ve mentioned?

  19. Some good info here about making money from home. I had not considered the call centre agent and might actually look into that while work on getting my affiliate marketing business up. I have to disagree that affiliate marketing is a quick way to make money- it might be quick if you have a large email list to market to, but if you are starting from scratch there is a lot of things to do. However, in the long run I do think it is one of the best options.

  20. Hi Rean!
    Hey cool post that you put up! There are so many options and its just a matter of choosing one that isn’t a scam sometimes, you know like those surveys that say you can generate thousands without doing anything! That’s a load of crap. I like your choices, they are relevant and ones that are in reach and they don’t promise you riches. The choices you made for your website are awesome because you actually have to do some work, hard work pays off!
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind Regards,


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