Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular as more and more people are looking into starting their own online business.

Affiliate marketing companies are a great way to earn extra money online. There are many Affiliate marketing networks out there offering affiliate programs.. This means that important brands are willing to pay you a percentage of the sale if ever a sale would come directly through a publicity on your website or a link that you put through any social media. But be warned, not ll Pay for results/ affiliate programs are what they seem. You might work your hard and never get a dime for whatever reason or you get paid a measly percentage of the sale.

Which are Best Affiliate Marketing Networks Online You May Ask?

After doing extended research and much reading, I was able to put a list together of the top 5 affiliate marketing networks. These seem to be the most popular, the ones that are most generous with their commissions and the ones that people seem to trust the most. I use some of them too.

Please note that these are not in any particular order.

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