Choosing the right keywords for your niche is among the most crucial aspects of Internet Marketing. The Internet generally is driven by keywords and failure to make use of relevant and essential keywords to your website can be a fatal setback in your marketing strategy.

One of the most significant features of keywords is relevance. The keywords you choose for your niche should be related to your website simply because, through search engine optimization (SEO), the keywords will drive the target audience to your website. It is equally important because your website or blog will be ranked by search engines based on these keywords and if they’re not related to the content of your website you may probably be penalized with low search engine results.

Keyword research is one of the vital components of the actual process that have been shown to be most effective when it comes to developing a reliable niche marketing strategy. Keyword research is carried out by using several tools that assist in the search when it comes to a given niche.

Anyone may experience a hard time identifying relevant keywords to align with their content. Thinking of keywords is usually a time-consuming challenge and can be very frustrating. As a result of that, it may be essential to check the keyword tools in Niche marketing.

Top Three Keywords Tools

To the benefit from your marketing efforts, SEO, keyword research tools and advanced keyword research techniques have become very important. The following are the top three keywords tools:

  1. Jaaxy Keyword tool: This tool is found on the Wealthy Affiliate University site. It is a Keyword Research Tool that simplifies Google’s keyword data. It strips search engine results data from Google and other databases and compiles the information into an easy system that makes searching for keywords extremely easy. It has been referred to as the number one keyword research tool available in the market. It is a platform carry out thorough research to find keywords with low competition. It makes the process of keyword research so easy and productive for all internet marketers.
  2. Market Samurai Keyword Tool: this is a keyword research tool that enables you to find and target profitable niches for your website. Market Samurai allows you to get started by entering a target keyword that your blog or article is all about. For example if your website or blog is about Graphic designing you can enter that as your primary keyword and from there you can simply begin your keyword research. Checkout Market Samurai they give you one month free trials, if you are like me by then you would be hooked and very eager to purchase the software for a life membership.

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner The Google AdWords keyword tool is among the best 3 keyword research tools lately. The AdWords keyword tool is powered by Google, the most preferred and reputable search engine available at the moment. Due to the fact that the AdWords keyword tool is powered by Google, to figure out how suitable your keywords are on the Google search engine. Since the majority use Google rankings as the standard for keyword research performance, this can be a great tool in your business.

Keywords are evidently still very important and valuable in niche marketing as search engines seem to love them in ranking our sites. Maybe I am old fashioned and don’t want to let go of a mode of ranking targeting that has been so popular for so long, for now one can still find niche marketing worth targeting. You can build a brand in your niche too

11 thoughts on “How Important are Keywords in Niche Marketing?

  1. Having the right keywords will make all of the difference in your SEO efforts, especially in niche marketing. It’s the keywords that start the actual search! Therefore, one must learn the process of how to effectively choose the right keywords that will allow for maximum allowance and coverage, to reach audiences and make money! It’s easy enough, and Jaaxy helps.

    • Hi Christian,
      Thanks for visiting my site and reading my article.Your honest comments are greatly appreciated. i am glad you liked the article topic. I know keywords are no longer as highly rated as they were a few years ago but I still strongly believe they are a useful tool, SEO, if well chosen and effectively used, I believe in Jaaxy and Market Samurai as they are both versatile tools besides using them for keyword searches.

  2. Hey there.

    Great job on this article. I’m going to bookmark this page as I know I’m gonna need these keyword tools in the future.

    One thing I would like to point out. You accidentally put the number 1 twice on your top three keyword tools. just thought I should mention this. Not trying to pick apart your work.

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Great suggestions!

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thank you for visiting my site and reading my article. I am glad you found the information useful. I am very grateful for your noticing and alerting me of the the typo error in the numbering. That was very considerate of you. I have since corrected it. Thank again.Hope you will visit again.

  3. Thanks for the article,

    I have been doing a lot of researching on keywords and this lead me to the importance of owning and using my own keyword tool.

    Jaaxy seems like a nice option, however another one I’ve come across is Long Tail Pro. Do you have any experience with this one and how does it compare to Jaaxy?

    • Hi Jason,
      Thanks for reading my article and for your comments… much appreciated.
      I agree with you, Jaaxy seems to have the edge on most tools I know too. I am sorry although I have heard of the Keyword tool “Long Tail Pro”, I am afraid I have never used it. I guess I tend to stick with the ones I am familiar with that works for me… For now Jaaxy is my top choice.


  4. Hi Rean.
    Your site is coming along nicely. Easy to navigate. Well written. I’m still struggling with keywords.

    I did notice that font families and weights are inconsistent. It would be easier to process with font consistency. Also, you can make your images a little smaller although the site loaded quickly.

    Good luck.

    • Hi Brooke
      Thanks for your constructive site feedback. I will definitely work on making the font families and weights more uniform.

      I did have teething problems with the development of the menu and pages.. still a work in progress. I might change the theme if I find one that would be user friendlier. The images’ sizes will be easy to rectify.
      Again thanks for stopping by. Hope you will visit again.

  5. Hi Rean,

    Thanks for the great information about keyword searching. I’m actually a Jaaxy member and find it very easy to use, I find it faster than Google keyword planner to find great words and I think it helps my imagination grow as well.

    I’ve never seen or heard of Market Samurai and it looks great. It has a lot of keyword information that any online marketer should know about. I’ll explore the site and take advantage of 1 month free trial. Thank you!


    • Hi Ray

      Thanks for reading my article and for the constructive comments.

      I am glad you know about Jaaxy.. Small world.:). I agree with you it is a verbal versatile tool. I am sure you will find Market Samurai a worthy tool too. The providers are dedicated and the tool offers great utilities.. It will be nice to know how you find Market Samurai once you have had a chance to use it.

      All the Best


  6. Hi Rean, thank you so much for your informative article. I consider Keyword research a crucial aspect in our online business. It can make the difference between $10’s or $1,000’s per month.

    For example, I was able to rank with a keyword that brings me around $100 per month because of one single article. That’s a lot! Imagine if I could find more 10 highly profitable keywords and rank high on Google? That’s a lot of money.

    I use Jaaxy and I highly recommend as well!
    All the best


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