Since the main reason why most affiliates have been in business is pecuniary, it is necessary for the individual marketer to identify and sign up with high paying affiliate networks. Identifying these

wa_uncover_secrets_250x250 (1)programs is not a tough task, but will certainly make the difference between failure and success in the affiliate marketing business.

There are several affiliate programs on the internet, yet not all are packaged to reward the affiliate marketer appropriately for their efforts. The responsibility therefore rests on the marketer to carry out their research well prior to partnering with a merchant to publicize the merchant’s products. However, it is crucial also to put certain factors, aside from immediate high returns into consideration before attempting an affiliate venture. For instance, an affiliate program whose remuneration is high may be offering a product that is seasonal, a circumstance which eventually end up not being in the marketer’s interest. This is simply because the bulk volume of the sales would be made within the period when there is high demand for the product and after which there could be little or no sales which will result in no earnings for the marketer. This however is unfavorable for any business.

Basically, lucrative affiliate programs are those whose products have a high overall revenue. For example, information products will most likely have a greater profit margin when compared to physical products mainly because the cost of production of the former is lesser.


We have programs that pay an affiliate once for a sale while there are others that pay continuing commission on a sale in as much as the customer continues updating their payments. The two types of programs may perhaps pay well. A marketer must consider his options appropriately before signing up with either. This is simply because at times, a recurring commission could possibly build up swiftly and become a residual income that gives a sort of financial security even if the marketer stops promoting the product actively. This power of leveraging should be put in proper perspective by the affiliate marketer.


Furthermore, it is important to check out the merchant’s antecedents especially, the number of years the company has been in the business and the reviews that can be found about them on the internet. The significance of this cannot be overemphasized because it would not be in the interest of the marketer to invest resources, time and energy in building a business and then end up losing everything because the affiliate program is unsuccessful. Therefore, it is advisable to venture into more than one affiliate program because this will enable the marketer to have more than just one source of income.

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the most preferred and easiest way of making money online. With good training and guidance, hard work and determination, you can easily earn top affiliate commissions, irrespective of your experience.

One of the top sites that has the facilities to enable one to make affiliate successes is  Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!

You can join the Wealthy Affiliate program as a Starter Member for FREE..though one has the option to join as a paying Premium member as well, but some find it worthy it to be a free member,, as they can benefit from tons of training materials, tutorials and the support of a community of tens of thousand, as well as.the right to own and hoist 2 websites all for free.(a Premium member can host up to 25 websites)..Feel free to Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Program here.==>wa_starter_650x255 (1)



Here I will Outline the  Tips To Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

The Following are the eight tips that will help anyone to make money in affiliate marketing.


  1. Decide on a niche you want to promote and get explicit concentration on the niche. You can have more than one niche, but keep in mind that you should basically try and do one at a time. Too many irons in the fire will only cause confusion and frustration. Ensure your affiliate marketing is on a single market, and promote items that appeal to that market.
  2. Build a website that will focus on your niche, and have a unique and high-quality content that is rich with your keywords and phrases.
  3. Do research on the different affiliate programs that are readily available for your niche. Also remember it is important you get some marketing tools to promote the products you selected. Check the bottom of the product sales page for a link to the “affiliate” program; lets say for Amazon Affiliate Program, this link will allow you to have access to all the tools that the merchant provides for this product. The products should also be of high quality and must be well-priced. This will make it easy for you to sell the products.
  4. Learn to drive traffic to your website. You need traffic to be able to promote your affiliate product. Well written high quality articles, online press releases related to your niche are all great ways to drive traffic to your website. Also ensure you submit your website to search engines. Networking is another way by which you can promote your product. Sharing links on other high ranking sites can also be a great way to drive traffic. Also remember to plan a budget for promoting your website.
  5. Create a list of prospective buyers and offer them free e-books, e-courses or articles. You are sure of getting your money from your list!! When you have a list, ensure you keep in regular contact with your prospective buyers and recommend your affiliate products to them.
  6. Strive hard consistently in promoting your website and be patient. Promote the website on a daily basis. Even if it is only 30 minutes a day, that time spent will pay off later in the future.
  7. Also ensure you write reviews of your affiliate products and even the ones you are not promoting. This will keep your customers well informed about the many products that are out in the niche you are promoting. Utilize your website or your blog to promote the products that you write reviews about. Become the trusted source of information about the niche you are dealing with. It is also essential that you make sure your reviews are honest. Don’t forget Quality over Quantity.
  8. Lastly, Give away freebies that have your affiliate links written on them. These are generally known as JV giveaways. Try and check google for “JV Giveaways” and check out the opportunities you have to give away a free gift to a targeted audience. This might include giving away short e-books, reports or an e-course with your affiliate links on them. This will assist you in building your list and customer base.




16 thoughts on “Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Tips to Best High Paying Affiliate Programs 

  1. Great Tips here Rean! I too want to become an affiliate marketer, I have been searching around for a great platform. So far I have read all sorts of good things about Wealthy Affiliate, I think its’ time that I go follow up on this venture. I wish you all the success on your endeavors Rean!

    • Hi JP
      Thanks for checking out my site and for reading the article. As you have been searching and you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and somehow you have been holding back.. I can understand why one would have some reservation about all the wonderful things you would have read about WA.. Kinda too good to be true.. but I assure you, you would find it all to be true if not even more so. So Why not try it.. Joining on the Starter Membership is free.. so you would register for $0 and start immediately.You will find the WA community very welcoming and supportive.

      I suggest you join today as you will have nothing to loose should, for some reason you won’t think it’s your cup of tea..
      Wishing you all the best

  2. I like your site and the tips on best affiliate programs. You reminded me of some important content I should be adding to my site. Including freebies like e-books and informative articles. But most of all providing value to our customers and the people who view our sites. Priceless!

    But most of all I agree with you about hard work and consistency. Success will not happen over night. But it WILL happen with perseverance and hard work!

    • HI Pamela
      Thank you for reading my article and for your very constructive and motivational comments.You also reminded me of freebies I could give to my readers. I love good reads.. and I also think I could learn to engage more effectively with my readers.

      Being consistent isn’t easy.. one needs discipline, patience and the occasional reminder as to why one started on this road in the first place..
      Thanks again for stopping by.
      Best Regards

  3. Quite a lot of information to digest here, but thanks for the effort you put in. I’ve heard of affiliate marketing and it seems to be a viable and cheap way to start an online business. Definitely going to invest some time and patience into pursuing this. I’ve heard of individuals making $2000 a month on sites which I would describe as being not so great. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Gideon
      Thanks for reading my article and for the constructive comment.

      I agree with you, earning $2000 or less a month seems not so great a figure but it’s a god start. One has to also appreciate that the rewards for getting paid for results vary.. In the main they depend on how much effort one is willing to put into one’s campaign promotion work.

  4. Great read here Rean on affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate! It took a while for me to discover Wealthy Affiliate after spending considerable time and money on SCAMS! Indeed I grew so skeptical at some point that I would simply head off to GOOGLE to try and establish more about any new program I would come across! Now here I was to read another product’s SCAM REVIEW only to find myself reading someone’s Wealthy Affiliate review! The training and community here has been quiet awesome indeed!

    • Hi Stephen
      Thanks for reading my article and for leaving a comment.

      It’s nice to know that I am not the only one who, after being scammed so many times, was lucky to come across Wealthy Affiliate. For me it was aftera a Mention at a bum marketing tutorial that I checked Wealthy Affiliate out. I am so grateful I did, especially that I joined as a Premium Member.. actually in 2010 when I joined there was only one entry point, premium Membership.. unlike today where one can choose to join as Starter Member for free and upgrade after testing the waters so to speak.. I still am glad I braved it and paid the monthly subscription. . Now I am a yearly subscriber.. That’s how sure of my wish to remain a member of WA.

      I hope more people will stop following false IM gurus and join the Wealthy Affiliate community and benefit from this awesome Internet Marketing training institution.

  5. This might help me on my affiliate marketing journey. I have a lot of visitors but my conversion is way too low. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Hao Bui,
      Thanks for stopping by my site and for leaving a comment. Wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing efforts.

  6. Hi Rean

    Good review of what WA has to offer – Before I joined WA, I came across a website much like yours and became a premium member beacuae of it – Now my sponser benefits – Something in his presentation appealed to me – (Cannot tell you what) – but remember there are many millions of internet viewers in the world and there will be many that will respond to each method of sales.

    Good on you and much good fortune

    Zidor (Henry)

    • Hi Henry

      Thanks for reading my WA review and for your motivational comment..

      I am glad you think it’s a good review and that it might help some readers find Wealthy Affiliate and be able to build genuinely successful IM businesses..Even if I could get a few to be helped that would be good enough for me.. as that would be a few less genuinely interested Internet Marketers benefiting from avoiding being scammed.

      Looking forward to your reading more articles on my site.



  7. Thanks for the great affiliate marketing tips. Your advice to give away freebies is brilliant. I didn’t know about searching for JV Freebies, but I’ll check that out.

    When it comes to affiliate programs, I really like those that pay a recurring commission. That way, I only have to make the sell once, but I get paid over and over for it.

  8. You know, I always hesitated to try out WA, especially when all those reviews and related articles are so damn positive. I thought it’s a scam.

    And damn if I was wrong. It’s just that you need lots of patience, determination and time. No hard work, no results.

    And their affiliate program looks to be pretty damn high-paying. I think it’s worth it in the long run.

    What’s good about their affiiate program is that you get monthly commisions, they’re not just one-time. That’s the benefit of a service.

  9. From what I read I sense this webpage is really helpful for someone who wants to try out the affiliate marketing. This market is one of the easiest to get into, but also requires you to work a lot like an entrapeneur since nobody here is telling you what to do and when to do it. You’re the boss of your self created tasks and will do them whenever you create the time for them. It’s not a 9 to 5 job, it’s whenever you want it to be, but the more – the better.

  10. Great review here and I am sure you will get a lot of referrals from this review alone. I like that they offer people the chance to try out the platform for free, which must also be helpful for getting more referrals.

    Any platform that offers all this as well as great training must be worth its weight in gold.


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