Since the main reason why most affiliates have been in business is pecuniary, it is necessary for the individual marketer to identify and sign up with high paying affiliate networks. Identifying these

wa_uncover_secrets_250x250 (1)programs is not a tough task, but will certainly make the difference between failure and success in the affiliate marketing business.

There are several affiliate programs on the internet, yet not all are packaged to reward the affiliate marketer appropriately for their efforts. The responsibility therefore rests on the marketer to carry out their research well prior to partnering with a merchant to publicize the merchant’s products. However, it is crucial also to put certain factors, aside from immediate high returns into consideration before attempting an affiliate venture. For instance, an affiliate program whose remuneration is high may be offering a product that is seasonal, a circumstance which eventually end up not being in the marketer’s interest. This is simply because the bulk volume of the sales would be made within the period when there is high demand for the product and after which there could be little or no sales which will result in no earnings for the marketer. This however is unfavorable for any business.

Basically, lucrative affiliate programs are those whose products have a high overall revenue. For example, information products will most likely have a greater profit margin when compared to physical products mainly because the cost of production of the former is lesser.


We have programs that pay an affiliate once for a sale while there are others that pay continuing commission on a sale in as much as the customer continues updating their payments. The two types of programs may perhaps pay well. A marketer must consider his options appropriately before signing up with either. This is simply because at times, a recurring commission could possibly build up swiftly and become a residual income that gives a sort of financial security even if the marketer stops promoting the product actively. This power of leveraging should be put in proper perspective by the affiliate marketer. Continue reading