Top 3 Keywords Research Tool

Below are my top three keyword research tools that I use . Why not check them out for free.

1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. 

You can find this tool on the Wealthy Affiliate University site.  This tool is absolutely loaded with functions you need to do your searches , finding available domain names,  check your site    WA--BLUE AND CLEAM              status  etc. You can access Jaaxy by registering with wealthy affiliate for free and be able to try it out. After trials you would be able to decide whether to subscribe or not.

2. Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool.

Market Samurai is definitely an old friend to me. It’s been around for several years. As it is several people ask me if I still recommend Market Samurai for keyword research. Ads you can see I            still think of it as still an amazing keyword research tool. To me, Market Samurai is one of two keyword research tools that I keep in my back pocket, simply because it’s one that is                                continuously updated and does what it promises to do.  You can access it through the Noble Samurai site. You can try it directly for a month after which you can either subscribe or not.

3. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

A free Google tool that is excellent in many respects. This Google AdWords keyword tool has been termed the beginner’s keyword research tool but from

what I know even seasoned internet marketers say they use it at one point or another, I do all the time..


6 thoughts on “Keyword Research

  1. I have used Market Samurai in the past. But I found it to be an overkill and had a big learning curve. I was so happy when Wealthy Affiliate came out with their own keyword research tool because it was a lot easier to use and get the information I needed.

    The google adword keyword tool is ok but definitely more geared towards PPC. So Jaaxy is my go to nowadays. But you have a pretty good list here.

    • Hi Eddy

      Thanks for your thorough and constructive comments. On Market Samurai it can be hard going to begin with but it also has some features that the more recent Jaaxy tool excel in. Market Samurai has also updated their software but like you, I find Jaaxy has a bit of an edge over Market Samurai.. Still a great tool though.

      The beauty of the Google adwords keyword tool is that it’s always available at one’s fingertips for free, for those with no other tool and it’s also a worthy complementary tool to those with access to more versatile keyword search tools



  2. I love how you gave us 3 options. I researched all of these and they are not only solid choices but all offer something different. I had never heard of Market Samurai so couldn’t really comment. I’ve signed up for the trial so we will see after 30 days how good it is.

  3. Hi Italian Brave Heart
    Thanks for stopping by my site..I am glad you found the article useful. I am glad you are trying the Market Samurai tool Do take time to listen to the tutorials. That way you will find navigating the menu easier. I like their keyword searches.. their content searches as well as the domain searches and competition infos etc. Jaaxy has similar features too though it’s more recent and easier to use.

    Please feel free to drop me a line should you need any assistancs/clarifications.
    Best Regards

  4. I’m not a fan of market samurai to be honest with you – they seem to make the whole process a lot harder than it actually should be. At times I was left scratching my head at what certain metrics were being availbale for?
    For me it’s Jaxxy every time – simple yet powerful, a great tool for ranking

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. I am very grateful for your constructive comments. I agree with you, to some, Jaaxy is more user friendly in comparison to Market Samurai but there are also those who swear by it as it is also quite versatile Keyword Research tool. That’s the beauty of being offered choices.. we can decide what works for us.

      Best Regards




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